1. If your fuel gauge and temp do not work, check the regulator that controls the voltage of the gauges. It is located on the right side of steering column under dash. It is about the size of a matchbox with two wires going to it. Make sure it is plugged up and if so, the regulator is most likely bad. Just order a new one and plug it up. The two wires are yellow I think and use flat spades connectors. It does not matter which wire goes on regulator. The fuel and temp gauge might float together which means they will work sometime and not work. Good luck!
  2. Removing steering box with out removing steering arm. I have found that you can remove steering box by taking off the inspection cover off the steering box. On the early cars just remove top and you can remove it with out taking off steering arm, which is a pain. On later cars with new style box do the same thing but you will have to turn the top off the adjusting screw. Make sure you install a new gasket and new gear oil. Good luck!
  3. If you remove the tach cable or speedo cable and oil runs out of cables the pinion seal inside of tach drive or speedo drive is bad. It takes the same seal for both. Remove tach drive or speedo drive and take gear out. The seal is located in housing. Replace with new seals, which I have and this should fix the problem. Good luck!
  4. Ground wire. Make sure you have a good ground wire for your roadster. Check to see if you have one on the drives side. It comes off the starter bolt and grounds to the frame. There is a nut welded to frame for this ground strap. This does not replace the ground wire coming off battery. Good luck!
  5. SU carbs 1600 & 2000. I have found the best oil to put in the top of the SU carbs is 20W-shock oil. Good Luck!
  6. Brake and clutch system. Change your brake fluid ever couple of years in the brake system and clutch system. You can use any Dot 3 or 4 brake fluid but do not mix with silicone based fluid. Good luck!
  7. Does your window rattle on your doors if so ck the rear window channel the tabs are bad to break. Just remove door pannel and 2 scews and remove from bottom. Also look in bottom of door for the part that broke off. Take it have welded and install in reverse. Thanks and good luck!

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